About Us

Modesty and Co. was created with the idea of making it simplistic and easy for all women, who value modesty, to dress fashionably. We believe that the beauty of hijab is an integral part of shaping the brand and empowering women to follow their beliefs while being fabulous! Our thoughtfully designed pieces are created using high quality, light-weight fabrics, carefully chosen for optimal functionality.

We pride ourselves on having full creative control over the design process. When we say thoughtfully designed, we mean it! Our priority is cultivating a space where comfort, class and confidence in your style & beliefs can coexist. Sketching every detail, taking lots of measurements, and testing fabrics are all part of our process. We've worked hard to create pieces that have a modest, yet flattering fit, and a timeless, versatile design.

Our Founder

Modesty & Co. has been a dream in the making since I was 11 years old. I've always known I wanted to be a modest fashion designer, and have since worked towards that dream. What started as an over-filled box of old sketches in my parents’ garage became the blueprint for creating my contemporary, modest womenswear brand. I attended fashion school in NYC for a year until I was blessed to start a family and raise 3 beautiful girls. Life happened. But I was determined to return to my dream of designing my own path into the fashion world. So here we are - and none of it would’ve been possible without the help & guidance of The Most High.

- Briana

While developing Modesty & Co.,I was inspired by my girls to create our Kovered Kids swimwear line. They helped with the pattern designs and assisted ‘mama’ in sketching all the adorable details to create our cute, kid-friendly and colorful designs. I hope to teach them that they can do anything they put their minds to and follow their dreams without ever compromising their beliefs.